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Forsyth Presbyterian Church

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Join Us:

Sunday School 10:00 am

Worship Service 11:00 am

63 North Jackson Street  

Forsyth, GA 31029  

(478) 994-2942

Forsyth Presbyterian Church has served as an alternative voice in the worshipping community of Middle Georgia for over 185 years. Firmly grounded in the Reformed Protestant traditions and confessions, we continue to strive toward the Reformation motto:

“Reformed, always being reformed”.

Open to the transforming power of God’s Spirit, we seek to be accepting of all people, allowing room for diverse interpretations of faith, welcoming different approaches to serving God and showing respect for one another’s values and beliefs. Seeking common ground in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, we believe that God’s truth is always bigger than any one particular community of faith’s interpretation of that truth. 

You are invited to join this journey of faith, to worship, study, serve, and fellowship with us in our community and beyond.

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